Recklessly Happy

My husband told me the other day that he had read my previous blog “Relentlessly Cheerful”, only he said relentlessly happy. Well cheerful and happy are not the same thing at all. Cheerful is an act of the will – an act to conquer my whiny self and to overcome my impatience. So I thought a lot about why being happy and cheerful are different.

Happiness is a gift. It is given when I recognize that I am loved. It does not depend on my mood, the state of the sky or the contentment of my animals. It is a constant. Why? Because the One who loves me never runs out of it! And my own success does not depend on it. And, it matters to Him whether I am happy or not. And He is definitely happy all of the time.

I realized that my happiness also is  based on that. It is never ending and never diminishing. On my part I am happy also because I have someone to thank for all of the goodness I enjoy and also the trials that make me a better person. I am happy because a perfect Being cares about me being perfect also. I trudge around the earth but He wants me to someday have wings. I fail to understand so much about the world, but one day I will know how the tiniest molecule was created.

Someday, I will know even as I am known. How can anyone be less than happy knowing this gift is offered freely? It is an invitation. And it isn’t some cosmic grocery store where I can get an empty cart and fill it. It isn’t some primordial consciousness that will remake my body after it decays. It isn’t some mind without a body like mine. It is someone as close as me – a person – a human – a God man who is Love. What’s not to be happy about? Even recklessly happy!

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