Happy Home – As We Are, Others Will Be

MaryGate Farm began in Trinity, Alabama, in 2005. Leo and Harriet Sabatini felt God’s call to create a “place” not only for ourselves but for anyone who wants to experience the peace and quiet that comes from His creation. It is a happy home and we have had great experiences here as people come to revel in a misty morning, a smooth cheeked horse, or a donkey’s bray. We did not intend to enter goat culture right away. Being thrifty, we made soap from goat’s milk and discovered its creamy lather and healing skin properties. It made sense to share it with the world!

A little about our products…

We began crafting our goat milk soaps as part of an attempt to live simply on a self-sustaining  farm.  We soon discovered that we love the way the soap feels and began sharing it with friends and family, who shared it with their friends and families. We were quite pleased to hear that folks not only enjoyed the product but actually prefer to use an all-natural soap. We were inspired to branch out and began making lotions, balms, and scrubs (and continue to plan new products) and are excited to share the bounty and make our soap available to a broader community. pantry herbsOur goal is to keep the ingredient list small and legible: we use goat milk from our very own herd, herbs from our garden as much as possible, and only natural oils and scents. Please see our product pages and FYI section for more details on the ingredients!

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