Doing It for One

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day making dinner for our Wednesday Mass and fellowship. Our Church is small to begin with and Wednesdays tend to average about seven to fifteen people. You never know how many will show. As I prepared the meal, not the best of cooks I grant you, I thought that probably there won’t be many people there and I am doing all of this work! The farm and animals were crying for attention. My garden sat unfinished. The horses ungroomed let  alone unridden! I was trying to make things for one of the people who is diabetic so the traditional safe preparations weren’t available.

Sure enough it was a small group. Don’t get me wrong, I love to serve my brothers and sisters. I just questioned the time I took to prepare the food. To be honest I didn’t think it turned out that well at all. Oh well….but as I sat there enjoying the fellowship I thought of one of our priests, Fr Jacob Amos. In his homily he spoke of how Jesus died for us – and even if there was only one of us he would have died for them. “Think of that when you are tempted to sin,” he said, “Jesus died for you – as if you were the only one.” (Paraphrased). So I thought, you know in any service, I should do it as if there were only one person who will benefit. I should do it for one person because of Him who died for me.

No matter how long it takes I will be happy to spend my time for one or for many – equally. The only change I would make is to try to be a better cook!

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