Our bar soap is crafted the old fashioned way, using goat’s milk and lye as the base. We add coconut oil for its lather and anti-bacterial properties. Castor oil provides extra lather, and palm oil yields a hard, long lasting bar. Of course, you can’t do without the moisturizing properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add to this superb mix are shea and mowrah butters. We stick to natural colorants such as Spirulina and charcoal – which are also known for their superb cleansing abilities as well as nettle, tumeric, and madder root – spices and herbs that color nicely without chemicals. The addition of French green clay and Moroccan red clay work to clean the daily pollutants from our pores. To scent our soaps we have been sampling quite a variety of plant extracts as well as pure essential oils. As our first honey harvest has come in, we are adding its excellent anti-bacterial and nourishing qualities. Below are the soaps we currently have prepared. Click on an image to go to the product’s page. See if you can find one that is irresistible!

Bar Soap