About Us

MaryGate Farm began in Trinity, Alabama, in 2005. Leo and Harriet Sabatini felt God’s call to create a “place” not only for ourselves but for anyone who wants to experience the peace and quiet that comes from His creation. It is a happy home and we have had great experiences here as people come to revel in a misty morning, a smooth cheeked horse, or a donkey’s bray. We did not intend to enter goat culture right away. Land choked with weeds and thorns inspired us to get our first scrub goats. Amongst the herd was a half-Alpine. With her docile personality and milk producing abilities we decided to "go Alpine" and the rest is history.
Soon we discovered the creamy lather and healing skin properties of our homemade goat milk soap. After getting rave reviews from friends and family, it made sense to share it with the world!

A little about our products…

 We use all natural ingredients in our soaps from oils to butters. When bees are in production we add honey as well. It seemed logical to include the earth's goodness in clays and herbs. So all of the soaps have not only goat milk but everything in them is there to maintain healthy, happy skin.

The other products we offer might not have goat milk in them, but it seemed "natural" to use excellent oils and extracts for balms and butters. The scrubby bag is for soap pieces, but I stick a whole bar in there and it makes a great lathered  option for clean skin. 
It is very important for us to have MaryGate open to anyone who wants to get away from noise and experience the quiet of the countryside. We have had lots of visitors and hope to have you visit us someday!

MaryGate Naturals